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Belgium Diamonds


A diamond is a symbol of beauty and promise of love, but a diamond from Belgium Diamonds is a cut above the rest.


Hand-picked from the diamond centres of the world, our diamonds are cut and polished by the world’s top craftsmen.


Your diamond will be the centerpiece of your engagement ring—the most important piece of jewellery you will ever own. But diamonds are not limited to engagement rings.


Belgium Diamonds is Atlantic Canada’s premiere importer and merchant of quality diamonds.


Visit our European-style showroom in Purdy’s Landing in Halifax for an exclusive viewing of our premium - ideal cut diamonds.



Jewellery designed for your style.

Choose your diamond or gemstone.
Choose your setting in gold or platinum.
And our award-winning designer will craft your choice of jewellery specifically to meet your requirements.


Call Belgium Diamonds to arrange a private appointment.

Which shape is your style?

Diamonds come in all shapes and cuts. The Round Brilliant cut is the most popular with its circular crown and a kaleidoscope of sparkling facets.
But there are many others too.
The Princess cut is a stunning four-sided diamond with a square or rectangle shape.
The Emerald cut is a classic rectangular shape with cut corners and an elongated horizontal surface.
Other cuts include asscher, pear-shaped, oval, marquise, radiant, heart-shaped and cushion.

Arrange an appointment with Belgium Diamonds to discover which cut suits you.


It’s all about you.

There’s never a wait at Belgium Diamonds.
Our service is tailored to the needs and schedules of our busy clients.
Visit our European-style showroom for a private viewing. Belgium Diamonds will provide you with an exclusive education on diamonds.

Arrange for your appointment.


Largest selection of ideal-cut diamonds.

Belgium Diamonds has the largest selection of ideal-cut diamonds in Atlantic Canada.
Our diamonds are certified to the highest standards – GIA and AGS, recognized as the most respected gemological institutes in the world.

Arrange for a private viewing in our European-style showroom in Purdy’s Landing, Halifax.